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FERRERO, Trade Marketing Manager

Trade Fair Setup in Cannes Saglietti Group provided us with a comprehensive service. Reliability, quality, and availability, combined with a high attention to detail, are the aspects we most appreciated. We can consider ourselves satisfied with the result achieved.

HERBAL PRODUCTS, Marketing Manager

As a client, Esposit Saglietti Group has proven to be a key supplier in the development of our wooden display stands on wheels. Together, we identified the optimized dimensions of the supports, the layout, the best display method, and the optimal packaging solution to preserve the product during transport. Thanks to this collaboration, we reduced returns to 2% and increased product sales at the point of sale.

PLAYWOOD, Marketing Manager

Design HUB Client The willingness to listen, the delivery of quality products, enhanced by dedicated personal service, and excellent construction and industrialization of goods have made Saglietti Group a supplier with whom we can work very effectively.

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