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The easy lightweight and sustainable furniture solution for your business

We created Esposit in 2012 to provide interlocking wooden displays for businesses and retail outlets: a simple yet visually impactful design product that is sustainable, easy to assemble, and can convey your brand values and philosophy in a visible way.
Esposit furniture displays are all made of birch wood, known for its elasticity and entirely recyclable and interlocking and constructed without the use of hardware or glues.
We have the technology to develop repeatable design products, declined for different companies and sectors. Rely on us, we will study together the perfect solution for you!

We believe that all joints are the same: uniqueness lies in the way one piece connects to another. Discover our unique design

In over ten years of operation, we have made wooden interlocking displays and shelves for different types of stores and for a wide variety of business needs. Here you will find a collection of them, divided by category-select the one that interests you. Find out what we have made specifically for that brand and what it thinks of us!

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