We help you tell your brand story through design projects and experiences characterized by an unmistakable personality: yours.

To do this, we have created Brandpatia,

our unique method for crafting design projects with soul. Contact us.

The Brandpatia Method

It all starts with studying your brand’s identity, history, and the values it represents. We then evaluate your idea to understand how to transform it into an opportunity or a distinctive feature for a design project.
Once the analysis is complete, we are ready to propose and work with you to design a wooden solution, a natural extension of your brand. We accompany you through all project phases, thanks to our dedicated departments, without which nothing would be possible!

Discover Our Offices, Departments, and Production Processes

We believe that working closely together is essential for achieving lasting and satisfying results. Constant communication between departments is crucial for making processes smoother and work always stimulating. We assign a dedicated team to each project to closely follow it, ensuring cross-collaboration and growth opportunities for everyone. Want to know how we do it all? Explore below our departments, offices, and production processes!

Research & Development Department

The research and development department is where everything takes shape, always buzzing with activity! Here, a team of enthusiastic designers works every day, ready to interpret and translate your idea into prototypes and technical drawings. These concepts are later transformed into actual projects and products by our production department ur designers continually fuel creativity and expertise through ongoing professional development in materials, new construction technologies, and market trends.
When it comes to turning your dream into reality, we leave nothing to chance!

Production Department

The production department’s team of programmers translates the designers’ prototypes into machine-readable language for CNC machines. This team includes a skilled operator dedicated to monitoring the entire process of cutting wooden panels and promptly checking the outcome.

The Workshop: Pre-Assembly and Assembly Department

It’s called the pre-assembly and assembly department, but we like to call it the workshop. This department is where we return to the roots of our craft, the craftsmanship of carpentry, reminiscent of our grandparents’ era. Here, prototypes and machine language programming give way to hands-on craftsmanship and artistry. In the workshop, we handle the pre-assembly of products and test them to ensure their functionality.

Painting and Sanding Department

Here, to achieve a smooth and touchably soft wooden surface, we perform sanding and refinishing on all wooden products. This is a crucial step to protect, enhance, and prepare the wood for potential further painting and printing processes. In the painting and sanding department, we customize our products with environmentally friendly water-based direct printing, carefully monitoring the entire process.


Now it’s time to carefully package and protect our work. We do this sustainably and with a personalized touch using cardboard and wooden packaging, capable of withstanding even the most challenging shipments!

Exhibition Setup Warehouse

In the world of temporary setups, whether it’s exhibitions or museum spaces, often rental structures and equipment are reused for a long time. To ensure we’re always ready, we’ve created a dedicated warehouse with everything needed for setting up exhibitions and displays. This includes modular panels, materials for electrical and audio/video systems, tables, chairs, display desks, backlit walls, and much more – everything required to make your trade show booths and exhibitions unique, yet repeatable and easy to set up.

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