“We love to share our knowledge with someone who can use it to make a change”

S.Saglietti – 4th generation carpenter, innovator and enetrpreneur

We have been transforming wood into unique and extraordinary objects for over a century

Our passion for wood dates back to the end of the ‘800, in our family owned carpentry in Narzole (CN): a passion that we have transformed into unique and extraordinary projects, able to express our client’s brand. Beyond all expectations.

In order to make this happen we have created and tested a unique and personal approach, Brandpatia, by which we interpret a brand’s needs and intuitions and we translate them to:

A beautiful and functional product to display, but above all… lightweight.

We are the wizards of wood, we take care of everything! Are you an architect looking to transform your idea of furniture or temporary furnishings into something truly revolutionary? Trust us: authentic visionary wood artisans for over a century, ready to transform matter into unique projects. Create the magic!

An experience to be lived

A fairy tale that lasts a whole night, a creative exercise in simple authenticity. Let yourself be captivated by StarsBox.

Perfect Fits

We manufacture interlocking wooden display furniture to create lightweight, easy, and sustainable furnishings. Discover how Esposit simplifies your life.

A Continuous Incubator of Ideas

Where creative thinking and technical expertise converge to support our clients in the development and realization of design objects and solutions. Discover Design Hub.

Transformation, change, beauty, ethics, and sustainability: our customers seek much more than an iconic wooden object!

Those who turn to Saglietti Group do not purchase to impress, but to express themselves and their brand. We help them do just that!

Who turns to us

Designers, entrepreneurs, marketing directors and companies

Who need to find the ideal partner to create experiential furniture,furniture or display products capable of expressing the essence of a brand, to tell its philosophy and values in an extraordinary way.

They know they can rely not only on 4 generations of experience in the world of wood, but also on a cohesive, highly qualified team with the extraordinary ability to translate a brand’s values into a design project with personality.

They rely completely, knowing that turning a vision into an outstanding project requires time, organization, processes, patience, tools and more.

Do you have an idea and want to develop it? If you recognized yourself in at least one of these types of customers, please contact us.

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