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Casattava, born from the genius of Matteo Zaghi, is the adaptable design desk capable of growing with children and accompanying them throughout their academic journey, from elementary school to university. The ProDesign studio in Turin, founded by designer Matteo Zaghi, seeks to blend practicality with creativity and pure intuition in its projects. Field testing of objects is an essential part of the DNA of this Turin-based design studio. They have received numerous international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, BigSee Wood Design Award, Fsc Design Award, and RO Guiltless Plastic.

In 2017, Saglietti Group began a collaboration with designer Matteo Zaghi to develop two furniture projects based on interlocking design. These wooden design creations have earned several awards.
Casattava is a birch plywood desk that can be adjusted and adapted over the years It’s a desk capable of “growing” with the children who use it, accompanying them from the beginning of their school career to university and even into the workplace.
Its modularity, intelligence, and intrinsic sustainability have earned Casattava acclaim from the judges of the FSC Design Award: “A brilliant design that surprised the judges with its captivating details and many features. Casattava is designed and has a beautiful sustainable story from the beginning to the end of its life.

Casattava is made entirely of birch plywood. Sustainability is inherent in this desk from the beginning of the production process, which exclusively uses plywood as the material. This commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging, which is flat and lightweight, much more eco-friendly than that of traditional furniture. The interlocking system allows for easy and fast assembly and disassembly, without the need for additional tools or hardware. Individual components can be replaced in case of breakage, without the need to purchase a complete new product. The design process began with a focus on the various daily activities and needs that revolve around our desk at different stages of life. Users can personalize the desk to suit their specific needs, making it adaptable for any situation. Two chalkboard doors, which can be used for note-taking or drawing, provide access to compartments for storing work and study tools. The same chalkboard covering is used for the round top bar, where one can attach a clamp lamp or a roll of paper. Organization and ease of cleaning, fundamental characteristics for any respectable desk, are inherent in Casattava, with a pen groove and a hole to dispose of eraser residue directly into a waste bin.

Casattava is practical, easy to use, and fast, just like the design philosophy we believe in.


  • Researching innovative materials
  • In-depth study of different types of packaging
  • Management of small batches
  • Executive design
  • Color consistency within the range



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