“ThePatience the virtue of the strong”. Ferifè is the creative brick on which the little ones can "lean" to build anything their imagination can conceive. Balance as a game, but also as a process of the child's inner growth.

Ferifè efeats boredom by building, rebuilding, and then building again. An innovative wooden brick, a simple “Never endng Toy” with which kids can always create something new, leaving room for imagination and having fun.

A brick that doesn’t interlock but rests. Not just a game, but a true educational tool that develops the creativity of the little ones, as well as their patience and sense of balance, both externally and internally.

Ferifè is a line of wooden constructions, for tabletop and outdoor use, to train the body, mind, and heart. Monoblocks made of lime wood, free of potentially dangerous components for the little ones, and colored with non-toxic water-based paints Ferifè fully embodies the authentic spirit of ‘Made in Italy’: creative intelligence and artisanal meticulousness in every stage of production for a product so intuitive and ‘easy’ to use that it feels ‘natural’.


  • Consumer product management
  • Management of CE certification for toys
  • Management of UNI standard certifications
  • Production of small batches
  • Packaging design for the retail sector.


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