A small and versatile product that caters to the DIY world and can be added to the product catalog. Italglass is a manufacturer of frames and DIY products that initiated a collaboration with Saglietti Group to create a new collection of modular and versatile MDF letters for retail sale. The project was jointly curated from the design of the letter fonts to their display, involving 6 months of work to deliver a product that has garnered an excellent market response right from the start.

Regarding the Letters project, Saglietti Group has conceived and developed a tailored production process, specifically aimed at small wooden objects and capable of resolving itself into flexible production with almost no inventory. Each week, production receives orders for the required letters based on the sales flow.

From 2016 to the present day, we have produced over 600,000 raw wooden letters ready to enrich many displays.


  • Production of small objects
  • Automated management of large batches
  • Variable production flows


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