Nest is a functional bunk bed with a practical design aimed at facilitating and enhancing life in Alpine cabins. This innovative experimental furniture creation, practical and functional, designed by the ProDe design studio in Turin in collaboration with C.A.I, is intended for mountain huts during periods of high guest traffic.

Nest is a functional bunk bed with a practical design aimed at facilitating and enhancing life in Alpine cabins

An innovative idea inspired by the analysis of the logistical needs of mountain huts during peak tourist seasons.

The project’s objective is to create a sustainable, ethical, flexible, practical, and cost-effective furniture system that can meet the specific needs of an Alpine hut.

Everything in Nest has been carefully thought out and designed to be as practical, functional, and sustainable as possible. The bed, conceived by ProDe, developed and manufactured by Saglietti Group with the support of C.A.I, is made entirely of birch plywood, a material that offers good physical characteristics at a relatively low cost.
The choice of a single-material product allows for easier recycling and waste disposal.
The entire bed structure uses a patented interlocking system to avoid screws and fasteners, making assembly quick and easy without the need for any tools.
To facilitate storage and make use of all available space, Nest is designed to be disassembled, with all its components measuring one meter in length for easy handling and storage even in narrow and small spaces.

Thanks to an intelligent system of loops and straps that allows for easy packaging and attachment to various supports, Nest is easy to transport even in challenging conditions such as a mountain environment. Nest was transported by three people on foot to a hut at 1700 meters to test the transport system and its practicality.
The bunk bed weighs 65 kilograms and occupies a space of 90x66x20 cm when packaged. Some of the straps provided for transport and packaging are reused to reinforce the bunk bed structure once assembled.


  • Researching innovative materials
  • In-depth study of different types of packaging
  • Management of small batches
  • Executive design
  • Color consistency within the range


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