An increasingly fast-paced and mobile world. Work and study spaces are becoming smarter and more temporary. In this context, Playwood's intelligent home office innovations fit seamlessly. Elegant and functional designs transform any place into a comfortable and practical workspace or study area.

Beyond functionality, the home office design line 'Karia' by Playwood, conceived by Playwood and crafted with the passion of Saglietti Group, reflects a keen eye for sustainability and the future. Consider that in Europe alone, 100,000 tons of furniture are discarded every year because they cannot be transported when moving due to their non-dismantlable nature. The global trend towards a green approach, especially in the furniture industry, underlies the insight of Stefano Guerrieri, Mirco Bonilauri, and Carlotta Nizzoli (Founders), leading to the establishment of the first Playwood Design Lab in Reggio Emilia in 2014.

The startup Playwood developed an innovative assembly system for creating furniture: a system of smart” connectors that are simultaneously simple in their functionality, promoting the reuse of simple wooden boards, which, when combined, transform into desks, tables, and workspaces. All of this is achieved without the use of screws, glue, or bolts. It offers a green, practical, and sustainable alternative for a world that is becoming a workspace in its entirety.

In 2018, Playwood sought the support of Saglietti Group for the new collection of kit furniture called ‘Karia. These home office furnishings utilize the Playwood connector for assembly.
The Karia collection is designed to make your workspace unique, whether at home or in the office, creating the ideal place for developing your creativity and passions. It’s a range of furniture that can transform any space into the place you want to be. Karia products are designed by PlayWood’s designers to enhance your workspace with character and harmony, making it a place of ideas and inspiration. The collection includes six desks, four bookshelves, two tables, and various accessories such as monitor and laptop stands or practical hangers. Each product is designed to organize your workspace effectively and naturally.

From 2018 to 2022, we handled the production of semi-finished products and conducted feasibility studies for new products in the Karia collection.

In 2023, the Playwood brand was acquired by a new owner, who will focus on the production and distribution of connectors. The Karia collection becomes part of the Sagliettigroup’s product offerings and is available for sale on Esposit’sE-commerce channel.


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  • In-depth study of packaging types
  • Small batch management
  • Executive design
  • Color consistency across the range



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