Dreaming of sleeping under the stars. Live it with StarsBOX

An experience to live and to create. The open-air dream box. StarsBOX is one of those powerful insights to which we felt an immediate need to give breath and attention. It offered us a unique opportunity: to live in a dream even before helping Lara and Fabio, our clients, bring it to life.

When in 2018, Lara Sappa and Fabio Revetria, architects from Officina 82, approached our Design Hub, they had in mind to create an experiential wooden structure inspired by the contemporary mountain beds of the shepherds of the Ligurian Alps. This structure would intimately connect humans with nature, offering an ancestral and unique experience: sleeping under a starry sky!
StarsBOX was a simple yet compelling insight: impossible not to follow and assist Lara and Fabio in bringing it to life! After the initial prototype, in 2019, we began working on prototypes and engineering them, with the idea of creating easily assembled structures, even by non-experts, and developing a transportable assembly kit with included instructions.

Thus, one component at a time, we began prototyping and engineering everything, producing the first 20 StarsBOX units for testing, which were intended for the early adopters who believed in the project from the start. We assembled an extraordinary team for an incredible result: today, StarsBOX is a tested industrial product, with a dedicated assembly line and a production capacity of up to 100 units per year. At Saglietti Group, we handle the product’s commercialization, while Officina 82 focuses on marketing and communication activities

Simple yet impactful design

The current design of StarsBOX is simple yet highly impactful. Even the designs that Lara and Fabio provided us with at the outset of the StarsBOX adventure were already beautiful, providing us with a significant image boost even before the actual project began.
It resembles a shelter and is crafted from natural materials, utilizing a streamlined and fast assembly system designed to be easily put together and taken apart multiple times with complete autonomy. An opening roof is the iconic feature that allows for an exclusive and memorable starry night experience in nature.



  • Management of large-scale products
  • Automated management of small batches
  • Component engineering
  • Design and testing of assembly instructions
  • Creation of a component warehouse for maintenance and after-sales support



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